Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Using Data-loggers to speed up the process

Introduction to Data Loggers.

Experiments take time. And much of this time is often wasted trying to learn how to record. This is a very valuable skill but once learnt data-loggers can take over this chore and allow the student to do more learning and less recording.
Using state of the art sensors connected to a computer we can now carry out the experiments and pull out all the information about the process quickly and accurately and get to the learning point. Using these sensors we can also pull out other useful information which is otherwise not readily available to learn more about the processes. The data-loggers cover all aspects of Science and also cover all the A level Biology Chemistry and Physics.

The sensors are linked directly to the computer. They capture data every few fractions of a second and send this to the computer where the data is displayed in a table for the student to work on or more usefully as a graph to display the features of the experiment.

The data-loggers enable far more complex experiments to be carried out and in a fraction of the time taken to do the experiments manually. This is also good preparation for business where things are usually carried out by machine and the students can see for themselves how processes work in a more business like and professional manner.
Using this data-logging equipment gives the child an advantage over others so that they can become better scientists.

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