Monday, 7 July 2014

Schools opt for less subjects but better grades

This is a sample of some of the emails I receive

"My child wants to do triple science, but has been told that the school will only enter them for double, as they believe this will 'maximise the child's grades and therefore their life chances'.  i.e. they would rather the child got two As or A*s than risk getting 3 Bs." 

I agree.  This is a load of rubbish, but is a problem that schools are making on their own.

Very commonly schools believe that students cannot improve. 

Schools are ranked on what grades the students get. It is in your childs schools interest that your child takes fewer subjects with higher grades than taking more subjects and possibly getting a lower grade. 

The school can now only count the first time a student takes an exam for their performance figures.

This is often why this rule about double / triple science exists. The school does not want to have any poor grades. The schools are scared of  a child  getting lower grades which will lower the schools performance average.

It is in the schools interest that your child does less subjects with better grades and nothing to do with your childs progress.

It seems that schools are out for themselves and not putting the child first - just to get higher up a league table. What is the benefit to a school that has good league table results if it doesn't try to help children suceed

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