Thursday, 19 April 2012

Revising for Maths

Many subjects can be revised by learning the facts as outlined in the previous post.

Maths revision is different.

It doesn't work that way. For A level and GCSE there are certainly some formulae that have to be learnt because they are not on the formula sheet, but for most maths there is only one way.

Do some examples.

Here is a simple plan to Help.

For this you need a Maths book and not necessarily the one you use at school.

Stage 1
Choose a Topic

Stage 2
Read through the example questions and samples. If you can't remember them then do the examples on a sheet of paper. Looking at how it is done.

Stage 3
Do an example - write down the question, close the book and then answer the question

Stage 4
Do all the odd number question in an exercise

Stage 5
Now you understand how to do the questions
And this is the important bit
Each day do one or two of the even numbered questions from the exercise each day.
Now you know how to do the sum, doing one or two each day keeps them fresh in your mind.

Stage 6
Repeat Stage 1-5
Each day you learn ( ok revise) a new topic and each day you practice one or two questions from each of the other topics you have revised.

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