Tuesday, 10 April 2012

How to start Revising

How to start Revising.

Revising is not first time learning, although for many it is.

Stage 1
So stage one is to read through your course book. Most students don't have any notes, or notes good enough to revise from. Choose a topic and read through the section you have decided to learn.

Stage 2
Now re-read the section. What are the important things?

Stage 3
Write these down as a series of bullet points. This is your notes to revise.

Stage 4
Look at each of these bullet points in turn. For each do this.
Read the bullet point then read the text in the book about this.

Stage 5
Close the book
Read the bullet point and write down everything you can remember ( writing the stuff down helps it go into memory so don't skip this. It doesn't have to be much.

Stage 6
Check what you wrote and compare it with the book

Stage 7
Repeat 4 5 and 6

Stage 8
Go and find someone
Get them to test you.
It works.

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