Friday, 12 July 2013

Summer Holidays - time to loose all those skills

The summer holidays come and for many students this is 6 weeks when they can relax, recover, go on holiday and forget about school and school work. This is so true because when the Autumn terms starts in September 3-6 months of recent work and skills will be lost and much of this work will have to be re-learnt and done again.

Although the summer holidays are good fun for students in year 10 going on to year 11 and those moving from AS to A2 this can be crucial. Some parents keep me on as a tutor though out the summer holiday to ensure that their children do not fall behind and loose too much knowledge.

If you can't do this then try to spend a day a week looking at each of your subjects, I would suggest 30 mins to 1 hr a week on each subject. spending just and hour a day, keeps the facts and skills in your head to that all that hard work does not melt away,

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