Friday, 31 May 2013

Last minute revision - what can you do to boost a grade

Different subjects require different techniques, but here are some ideas.

  • Get some cards and write down facts about a topic 
  • Important - One card per topic
  • Write down keywords and their definitions write the definition on the back. It helps you learn it.
  • Learn these facts- read them out loud. It is better with an audience, such as the dog or cat
  • Now give the cards to someone and get them to test you. This is the only way it works.
  • Get some past papers and have a go at doing them under pretend exam conditions - you don't have to do the whole paper just a few questions. 
  • Look at the mark scheme. See what the examiners want.
  • Check the facts of your answer. If you don't know enough then get some more cards and write down more facts and start the process again learning these facts.
  • Run out of papers to do - then try some questions on the same topic from another exam board. Remember that that examiners will never give you the same questions as in a previous paper but often a variation on a theme.

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